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Privacy policy

Confidentiality (Privacy Notice)

Casinobit, and our subsidiary companies take privacy of your personal information extremely seriously. We recommend that you carefully read our privacy policy as it contains important information regarding the collection, protection and use of data on our websites. It does not cover third-party websites operated by partners. 
How and what personal information does Casinobit collect?

Personal information collected is by:

● That which is provided when you register an account at Casinobit. In addition to any further information submitted by way of using our products and services.
● Communications with us via live chat, email, and telephone. 
● Transactions, including deposits, withdrawals and wagers on our website.
● Through your engagement with our promotions, surveys, and other marketing activities.

The personal information collected is:

● Accessing data, such as the device (and model) you use when visiting our website, IP address, location tracking, mobile network, browser, and operating system.
● The pages you visit on Casinobit, time spent on pages, content viewed, and links/buttons that you clicked. Also, URLs directly prior to, and after, visiting our website. More information on this can be found below in the ‘Our Cookie Policy’ section.
● Responses to marketing campaigns conducted by us or our third-party partners.


The rights you have regarding your personal information

As per the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), your rights include:

● Withdrawal, at any time, of consent that was previously granted to us. However, this does not include nor invalidate processes in which prior consent has been given.
● Complete access to the personal data held or processed by us.
● Corrections and updates to stored personal data.
● Removal of processed personal data that is no longer of use.
● Under certain circumstances; the ability to restrict the processing of your data.
● Removal of automated decision-making processes. Thus meaning that a human must be involved in this process.

Non-disclosure of personal information:

Casinobit ensures that the personal information shared between you and our website when registering an account remains strictly confidential. We do not share this information with any other parties, this includes your email address and other data taken during registration.

A customer’s personal information is used to verify identity, make payments, process cheques, and confirm data following a customer request. The email address which you provide to Casinobit is used to deliver details of new promotions, updates (news and software), and to assist with payment operations. 

You are able to opt-out of Casinobit’s direct marketing activities if you choose at any time.

A section of the employees at Casinobit, such as the payments team and customer service, do have access to your personal information. This is an essential requirement for them to perform their duties within our company, and to deliver assistance and service to you when required. By creating an account with us, you hereby agree to give such disclosures.

Casinobit retains the data that we collected during registration even if you close your account. This is a regulatory requirement, and to prevent money-laundering and fraud. Casinobit solely reserves the right to report what we believe to suspicious transactions, and or activity, to the relevant authorities without informing the player involved.

Security of your data

Casinobit does not share/sell any email addresses or personal information. The main purpose of holding email addresses is to communicate with customers. Please contact [email protected] if you would like to remove yourself from our mailing list.

In cases involving alleged fraud or other legal procedures, Casinobit may have to reveal a client’s personal information to the authorities. Such information could include:

● Your username
● Your full name
● Your billing address
● Your email address and telephone number
● Your transactions on our websites, both deposits and withdrawals
● Your gaming activity

Our Cookie Policy

We use cookies to improve user experience and enhance our customer service. Cookies assist us in gaining information related to a player’s tastes. This allows us to customize and personalize the website to match the interests of each player.

A cookie is a text file that is stored on your device’s browser. It allows Casinobit to know when you open and close our website. A certain amount of personal data, such as pages visited and time on page, is collected to enrich the player’s online gaming experience.

To change the cookie settings; click on the ‘options’ or ‘preferences’ menu in your web browser. Alternatively, click ‘help’ to find out further details.

Amendments to Casinobit’s Privacy Policy

Minor updates may be made to our privacy policy occasionally. Therefore, we advise clients to review it on a frequent basis. For more important amendments, Casinobit will email its customers beforehand or publish information on our website. This allows you ample time to comprehend the amendments prior to them coming into effect.

Casinobot will not impose amendments to this privacy policy with a client’s consent. However, failure to accept the changes could result in you being prevented from accessing, partially or completely, our products and services.

Responsible Gambling

Casinobit strives to offer every customer premium quality online casino games with the best graphics and sound quality to ensure a thrilling and entertaining gaming experience that is comparable to a real casino.

In addition to being a fair, reliable, and honest operator, we also have a commitment to ensuring responsible gaming. We understand our role in this industry, and although the vast majority play purely for entertainment, Casinobit acknowledges that there are still many vulnerable people with gambling problems. Our website provides a series of features and tools to enable players to enjoy our products in a safe manner.

Protection of minors:

It is forbidden under EU and international law for persons under the age of eighteen to access real money games online. Casinobit takes all appropriate measures to prevent minors from using the website. Furthermore, no advertising, sponsorships or promotional activities are aimed at persons under eighteen. To support this, we reserve all rights to ask, and check, legal documentation to prove their age.

However, we admit that no system is perfect. Therefore, if you are aware of a player under 18 who is using our website, please inform us immediately.

To protect your minors, we advise: 

●  Install parental controls on devices used to access the internet and limit the time spent online.
● Always log out of your account and do not have your login details on autosave. 
● Do not leave your device unattended while logged in to Casinobit.
● Keep your identification data and payment details in a safe place away from minors.

Responsibilities of players

As an advocate of responsible gambling, we also desire for our players to act responsible, particularly in their daily commitments and obligations.

● Define priorities
Casino gaming should come secondary to your work, family and other social commitments in life. This covers both time and money spent on our website.

It’s crucial that you maintain a healthy balance and relationship between your gaming activity and those around you (family and friends). No amount of winnings can replace this.

● Know your limits
Casinobit offers a series of tools that allows you to set your own limits - both in terms of money and time. We encourage players to use these before they start playing to prevent excessive gambling, which can lead to financial problems if left unchecked. This removes the enjoyment offered by our games, and can lead to health and relationship issues.


Casinobit is aware that there are players who cannot control the urge to play casino games, and they surpass their personal limits for time and money. In an attempt to prevent that from happening, we have several measures in place; for example:

● Specially-trained customer support staff to observe customers’ gaming habits and pinpoint those who are playing excessively.
● Tools for placing limits on bet sizes and total losses; plus reality checks (time limits). Please contact [email protected] for assistance in setting up limitations on your account.

Furthermore, players can self-exclude themselves for a definite or indefinite period. We also enforce a seven-day cooling-off period related to changing any limitations previously set. For temporary or permanent self-exclusion, please contact [email protected] immediately. 

Additional advice and information

To self-assess your gaming behavior, ask these questions:

● Have you taken missed work or taken time out from your studies to gamble?
● Has gaming had an effect on your relationships (family and friends)?
● Have you given priority to financing your gaming over financial responsibilities to your family?
● Has gaming affected your health in any way (such as sleep problems, isolation, depression, stress, behavioral difficulties)?
● Do you ever feel remorse or regret after playing (and losing)?
● When you lose, do you feel the need to play again to try and recoup your losses? Also, if you win, do you want to play again to win even more?
● Do you play to try and earn money to repay personal debts?
● Have you played beyond your own limits; either financially or time limits?
● Have you borrowed money to gamble with or sold something so you can gamble?
● Have you considered breaking the law to fund your gambling activity?
● Would you say that you have a problem with drugs or alcohol?
● Has your gambling ever forced you to consider harming (i.e. suicide)?
● Do you at times behave violently or overly aggressively while playing or shortly after?

Anyone who answered ‘Yes’ to any of the questions above, we strongly advise you to get in touch with us through our customer support channels or seek professional help with Gambling Therapy:

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