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CASH OR CRASH GAME FROM EVOLUTION EXCLUSIVE AT CASINOBIT.IO is proud to announce that we’re one of the first live casinos to list Evolution’s new live game Cash or Crash.

This brand new live game is only available at a select few live casinos. It’s yet another innovative live game show from the world’s top live game producer. If you enjoyed Dream Catcher, Deal or No Deal, or other live game shows from Evolution, Cash or Crash might be a great game choice for you.

About Cash or Crash

Evolution always takes things to a new level and continually innovates. This game takes place in a blimp far above a colourful city.

In the middle of the blimp, you’ll see a keno machine that selects different coloured keno balls. You’ll see red, green, and gold balls in the mix.

The objective of this game is to climb a payment ladder. However, you need to cash out before a red ball is drawn and the blimp nosedives and takes all your winnings with it. It’s a fun and thrilling game with ever-bigger prizes at every rung on the ladder and the excitement of knowing it could all be over on the next draw.

Before each ball is drawn, you’re given a choice between three options:

  1. Take All Money
  2. Take Half
  3. Keep Going

Depending on your appetite for risk and how big your prize money is, you might choose to wager it all, keep half and wager half, or walk away and call it a day.

As mentioned, there are three balls, but there’s only one gold ball in the mix. Here’s what they do:

  • Green Balls - These allow you to advance to the next rung on the payment ladder.
  • Red Balls - These crash the blimp and your prize money. If you draw red you’ll lose everything you risked.
  • Gold Balls - There’s only one gold ball. It will protect you from the next red ball, essentially allowing you a risk-free wager.

The top prize, which is only available to players who make it to the top of the ladder, is 18,000x. You’ll get 50,000x if you’ve drawn a golden ball at any time during the game.

Play Cash or Crash at Casinobit 

As one of the first online live casinos to list this game, we’d like to invite you to play Cash or Crash at Casinobit today. We accept BTC, ETH, LTC, XRP, USDT, BUSD, and BNB deposits.

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